Thanksgiving Place Cards

Place Cards for Thanskgiving Now that my kids are growing old enough to get excited about the holidays,  we’ve done a few things around the house to get ready for Thanksgiving. These turkeys are made from construction paper, glue, and an empty toilet paper ring that acts as a stand to hold them upright. They double as great place card holders and/or napkin rings to set around the dinner table.  Making the turkeys were a ton of fun to assemble while we talked about our family traditions that surround the big meal.

In fairness, the preparation to make these guys was quite a bit of detailed work that didn’t  lend itself to kid craft time. The tracing and cutting of the pieces required a bit of concentration.

If you want to give this a try at home, you can download the pattern here!

Thanksgiving cards and place setting cardsFor adding a whimsical touch to at Thanksgiving table, these turkeys are the perfect touch.  Each turkey takes on its own personality as the pieces and colors come together a bit differently for each one. The name cards are not glued on, so they are interchangeable if using for multiple events.  They have been a great hit with my family so far this season.

Thanksgiving table setting napkin ring Here is the back side of the turkeys. I cut a second body shape to glue on the  back side and cover up the base of the feathers that were glued all around the belly. I also chose to leave the toilet paper ring as-is for time’s sake. You could easily cover it or make the rings out of another color. They are simply glued on.
Turkey place card holder

If you missed it above and want to make these at home, I put together a pattern that you can print out and use a guide. Download it here. I would LOVE to hear your feedback if you find it helpful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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