Favorite Things

This page is a small start to a growing collection of  resources, supplies and tools that are an essential part of the projects featured on this site.  Check back often for lots of new goodies!

Products for cake decorating and home creative projects.
Gel Food Coloring Ateco Gel Food Coloring
I use these gels exclusively for baking and cake decorating projects. You can add lots of color without effecting the consistency of frostings, fondant, or gum paste. They are an absolute must-have.
Roulpat Roulpat: Non-Stick Pastry Mat
I cannot live without my Roulpat! It is a flexible silicone-coated working surface, great for fondant and gum-paste work on cakes. It is also spectacular for rolling cookie dough and working with sticky bread doughs.
Spray Mount 3M Spray Mount Artist Adhesive
The uses for this product are endless. When I want to make an invitation on extra thick card stock, it often can’t be run through a printer. With spray mount, you can print on medium-weight card stock and adhere it to another piece before trimming.
Books for cake decorating and home creative projects.
Professional Cake Decorating by Toba Garrett “Professional Cake Decorating” by Toba Garrett
Outside of a few weekend classes, Toba’s books have taught me everything I know about cake decorating. This book is chalked full of step-by-step instructions, photos, and outstanding recipes. It is truly a must-have for the cake decorating enthusiast.
Cakes to Dream on by Colette Peters “Cakes to Dream On” by Colette Peters
What an inspiration! Colette’s cakes are whimsical and executed to perfection. The are definitely something to reference often and aspire to as a cake decorator.
Inspiring websites.
Link to The Paper Source www.graceandivy.com
All natural organic skin care products made in Portland, Oregon.
Link to The Paper Source www.thedaringkitchen.com
Members participate in making one recipe each month and sharing the results on the site and their own blogs.
Link to The Paper Source www.bakerella.com
Home of the Cake Pop and a host of other exquisite baking ideas.
Link to The Paper Source www.madebylex.com
A display of hand-made jewelry, sewing, and refashioning inspirations you can try at home.
Link to The Paper Source www.foodgawker.com
The most incredible, and appetite inducing, photos of food you have ever seen.
Link to The Paper Source www.craftgawker.com
A gorgeous display of hand-made crafts from all over the world. Updated daily.