Baby Shower for Two!

custom baby shower ideas I was thrilled to have the opportunity to host a shower for my niece last month. She is having twins, one boy and one girl. I grew weary and disappointed after looking and looking online for cute twins-themed invitations.  So, I decided to take things into my own hands and develop something of my own. Once the basic concept was set, it turned out to be a TON of fun thinking of all the different ways to apply it. I got to be creative in the kitchen and in a variety of paper craft projects. Here’s how it unfolded.

twins baby shower ideasIt all started when my  niece told me about “the cutest” clothing line she ran into at Target with little monkeys.  I knew that she loved them for her babies, so why not use them as the theme for her shower? I took a quick trip to Target and snapped a few pictures of the clothes to get started.

Monkey baby shower decorations ideasI loaded the photos  onto my computer and traced them using Adobe Illustrator and made print-outs as my patterns. After that, it was a matter of cutting, tracing, more cutting and gluing. I’ll admit it, it was a couple of nights of work, but so much fun to make these little guys.

Pink and blue pendant baby shower decorationsI also wanted to add a bunch of color without having to resort to crate paper streamers. By cutting large triangles out of 12″ square paper I bought at the craft store, I was able to string them together and make some really adorable pendant banners to hang all over the house.  Each sheet of paper made 6 triangles about 6″ tall and 4″ wide. I used regular old sewing thread and a needle to string them together. When the party was done, they folded into nice little bundles that I can save for use at another party.

There are a host of other ways that I applied the monkey design in preparing for the party. Once the design was set, it was really easy to copy and paste the images onto all sorts of things.

twins baby shower ideas Here is a picture of all things monkey for the shower. I printed and assembled the invitations at home. I also printed my own monkey stickers and used them on the envelopes.  All of the prizes for games and favors were also labeled and tagged with matching monkey labels.

Monkey baby shower favor ideasHere is a close-up of the favors. To celebrate her boy and girl twins, I carried a pink and blue theme through almost everything. The blue candies are Nutella-filled chocolate cups, and the pink ones are peanut butter filled chocolate cups. I could have left them out on a plate, but wrapping them up and putting a little tag on really made them feel like something special.

baby shower decorationsBalloons were an easy and very affordable way to get a lot of impact for little effort. I set a few bouquets around the house to really make the pink and blue effect pop.

Baby shower food ideasHere’s where creativity in the kitchen set in. Wherever possible, the foods were colored to match the theme too.

baby shower pink and blue macaronsI chose to make my own brunch muffins for use of the pink and blue liners, and, well…. it was just another good reason to make macarons too!

Pink and blue baby shower macaronsHere are the macarons how they were served at the party – all sorted by color. I made one big batch of batter and split into two before adding the food coloring.

All in all, it turned out to be a great shower. I feel a little spoiled because I got to have all the fun planning and putting things together.  Best of all, my niece was very happy with her special day and even asked to take some of the decorations home to use in her nursery. That made it worth every ounce of effort!

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