Clean Thoughts

Do you ever get stuck doing the same house chore over and over again and still have the feeling like it is NEVER done? I do. Then an idea came to me  while making the bed one day. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

I thought of two people who each make their bed once a day.  With the exact same effort in cleaning, it is very possible for one to experience a clean room nearly 100% of the time and for the other to almost never have the bed made.  One does it as soon as they wake up, leaving the room clean most of the day to enjoy as they come and go. The other person, who lets the chore wait until the end of the day, experiences a messy room all day long with very little time spent in the room once it is clean before it is messed up again. The same goes for doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, etc.

The Mental Edge

Not only does it feel good to mark a chore off the to-do list, it clears your mind to focus on other tasks at hand and has a substantial impact on your sense of accomplishment as you get to experience that finished task rather than a nagging reminder of something that needs to be done.

The goal is being more proactive about tackling house chores. The moment something hits the to-do list, getting it done as quickly as possible keeps dishes out of the sink, toys in their storage baskets, and the house in general to be in order for a bigger portion of the day. Procrastinating only gives you less clean time with no reduction in effort.

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