Book Signing with Bakerella

Signing of my Cake Pop bookToday I met one of my baking superheroes, Bakerella. I caught wind of a book signing happening at a local Williams-Sonoma store and wrangled the family to spend the afternoon waiting with me, in much anticipation, for the glorious moment we got to meet this very talented and inspired baker.  For those of you who may not have heard of her, Bakerella is the inventor of the famed “Cake Pop” which is the most delicious combination of cake and frosting on a stick and all dipped in chocolate. They are not only a tasty treat, but nearly the cutest things you’ve ever seen.  Check out photos on her blog.

Cake Pop Book SigningWaiting eagerly outside the store, each of us snuggled with our newly purchased copies of her book. The crowd was a buzz with excitement as we swapped baking stories and flipped through the book’s pages of advice and inspirations.  It was the most enjoyable line-waiting experience I’ve ever had!

Cake Pop book signing at Williams SonomaAnticipation brewed as the time drew near.

The time came to meet Bakerella, and we were all invited to cram into the store and share a short Q&A time. I, along with every other person there, was busy juggling my cell phone between taking pictures and typing text notes as questions were answered from the Cake Pop fountain of knowledge. Who better to get advice from!

Cake Pop decorations at Williams SonomaBooks signed and stored safely away under our arms, most of us fell victim to the whimsical displays of Cake Pop candies, books and baking supplies that were scattered throughout the store.  These rainbow candies were almost more than I could resist.

I could spend hours pouring over the baking supplies at Williams Sonoma. These were just a few items from their cupcake supply displays.

Here’s a shot of the book. You’ve got to take a look and get a copy for yourself!

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